Lash and Brow Growth Serum
Lash and Brow Growth Serum

Lash and Brow Growth Serum

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Ingredients: Castor Oil and Biotin

Helps to grow out your lashes and eyebrows

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Worth all the coins!

I’ve been trying to find a serum that works for my eyebrows for THE LONGEST time! I’ve always had very thin eyebrows and I was self conscious about it when I was younger. But after only a few uses of this serum I’ve already noticed hair growing in areas I barely had any hair. Not to mention my eyelashes are now longer than I need. 😂😂 Use with caution because IT WORKS!!

Aww thank you so much for your awesome review! So happy you love it and that it is working for you! Yay!

Marlene Arroyo
It really works

Love my Lash and Brow oil! Very compact and able to take it everywhere with me. I use it in the morning and before I go to bed. My lashes are thick and full! My brows look amazing as well apply in the area I am wanting the hair to grown and stay strong best natural and organic product I can get!! Thank you ❤️❤️

Thank you so much Marlene for your awesome review! So happy my lash and brow growth serum is working for you! :)

Lashes AND Brows Flourishing

I love the lash & brow growth serum! I had a pesky sparse area on my brows for a while now and since using Mimi’s serum it finally grew in, and pretty fast! The lash serum is super easy to use, is lightweight and not runny at all. Another great product!

Thank you so much for your review! So happy you are loving the lash and brow growth serum!

These lashes growing!!

I have really enjoyed using this serum, every night before bed. I've noticed a few more hairs showing up in my eye brow area. But I definitely have been noticing the growth on my lashes. I'm actually having trouble with getting eye lashes in my eye now.🤣🙌🏾

Yay! Thank you Jessica for your awesome review! So happy you are loving the lash and brow serum and that it’s working for you!